Photonics Research Centre



           Photonics Research centre

                                 a t   T  H  E    D  U  B  L  I  N    I  N  S  T  I  T  U  T  E    O F    T  E  C  H  N  O  L  O  G  Y



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The centre has a well established research lab with a range of sophisticated equipment such as tunable lasers, optical spectral analyzers, an FBG interrogation system, fiber fusion splicers, polarization analyzer and controller, polarization microscope, nano-positioning system, motion controllers, SLD sources, humidity chamber,  temperature controllers, high speed power measurement and data acquisition systems etc. The centre is also well equipped with a variety of opto-mechanical components, fiber components and a wide range of optical fibers including different types photonic crystal fibers. A variety of bespoke photonic simulation software for fibre and other waveguides and LC components has also been developed by the centre.